About Elissa

"Yourself is not something you find, it is something you create." - Unknown

I was born and raised in a small town just outside of Albany, New York, and in Albany I still remain. I love it here; Albany doesn't have the chaos or the hustle and bustle of a big city. I love its lackadaisical cadence, its rich history, and the beauty in the contrast between old and new --- those qualities inspire me.

I am an individual that thrives in creativity: Design, photography, and music are my passions. I particularly excel in print design, media design, packaging design, branding, advertising and identity design. I have done all I can to experience all areas of design and design firms (Corporate, boutique, one-man, etc), including a post-graduate internship in Denmark, which ignited a wanderlust in me.

I gradated with a BFA and a minor in art history from The College of Saint Rose. I am current Lead Designer at Lia Auto Group. On the side, I continue to freelance, with projects including: CD design, identity design, promotional design, movie title design, and other print-related projects. As a testament to my skills, I am proudly the recipient of a Davey Award, three Student Albany ADDY awards and four student AGDA Awards, including a Best in Show. I also placed 3rd in The Rotarian magazine's 2015 photography contest, and had my designs featured as the cover of the Summer 2016 edition of the famous Ms. Magazine.

When the drawing hand isn't working, I'll sit down at the piano and belt out a few covers of my favorite songs. Maybe I'll take to the pen and start writing. I enjoy traveling to new places, and learning languages including German, Spanish, Danish, Icelandic, and more. If the rare occasion arises, I may even pick up my violin and fiddle out a couple of tunes (I said rare occasion!).

I aspire to be better every day, and knows that no matter where I am in life, there is much more to learn, so much more to see, so much more to become, and it is only the beginning.


ResumeThesis: Albany's Historic ChurchesThesis: Walking Tour Map